Dedication photo album to comrade Shekhoyan Aleksandr Sergeevich in honor of 10th Anniversary of Military Unit 26360, signed by commander of Military Unit 26360 General Engineer Kataev, dated September 19, 1972, official seal of Military Unit 26360 presented.

The album contains 25 rare black and white photos of Korolev, Gagarin, Komarov, Tereshkova , Nikolaev, Feoktistov, Leonov, Eleseev, Belyaev, rarest photos of descent Soyuz -11 crew -Volkov, Dobrovolsky, Patsayev,and other cosmonauts. As well photos of Luna 16, moon rock and Lunakhod.

The photos included in the album were taken mostly from the top secret military unit (at that time).

Military Unit 26360 worked on the construction of the launch complex for the rocket UR-200 as part of the start and technical positions at the site number 90, In July 1964, at the site began intensive work on the test missile systems with UR-100 missiles. In parallel with the missile tests UR-100 combat calculations management started in 1964 for mining of UR-500, which later came to be used as a booster to launch heavy satellites, interplanetary probes, future long-term orbital stations Starting station "Proton-1" was the beginning of the creation of a powerful multi-stage rocket "Proton-K".

A. S. Shekhoyan - test engineer, a specialist in the field of aviation and rocket and space technology. A.Shehoyan was appointed chairman of the Interdepartmental Commission and the responsible representative of the Ministry of General Machine Building at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. He was part of all testing process on this site.