Nobel Prize P. Kapitza Signed Official Academy Note

Peter Kapitza (1894-1984), Soviet physicist who in 1978 shared a Nobel Prize for his work on magnetism and low-temperature physics. He worked on the superfluity of liquid helium and also achieved the first high-intensity magnetic fields. Kapitza was born near St.Petersburg and studied at Petrograd Polytechnic Institute, after which he went to the UK and worked at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, with nuclear physicist Ernest Rutherford. In 1946,'he refused to work on the development of nuclear weapons and was put under house arrest until after Stalins death 1953.

Business note addressed to director of Institute of Physic problem of Academy of Science of the USSR academician P.L.Kapitza from Khaikin. Dated: March 24, 1971. He was asking in his business note for permission to work in Institute of Physic Problem for doctor Elgard from Berlin’s university. Kapitza singe in the right low corner: I give my permission. March 29, 1971.