Soviet Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin signed and inscribed photo postcard on verso. postcard 3. 3/4" x5. 3/4"

" To comrade Pastushkov in memory of 22 Congress of Commmunist Party of the Soviet Union. Gagarin. October 28, 1961"

Good condition

Some facts:

Gagarin's flight was a triumph for the Soviet space program.

Gagarin became a national hero of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, and a worldwide celebrity.

Later on, Gagarin toured widely abroad. He visited Italy, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Egypt and Finland to promote the Soviet Union's accomplishment of putting the first human in space. He visited the United Kingdom three months after the Vostok 1 mission, going to London and Manchester.

The sudden rise to fame took its toll on Gagarin. While acquaintances say Gagarin had been a "sensible drinker", his touring schedule placed him in social situations where he was always expected to drink. Gagarin was also reportedly caught by his wife in a room with another woman, a nurse named Anna who had aided him after a boating incident earlier in the day, at a Black Sea resort in September 1961. He attempted to escape by leaving through a window and jumping off her second floor balcony, hitting his face on a curbstone and leaving a permanent scar above his left eyebrow.

He was transferred from Crimea to Moscow hospital. Council of physicians decided that ten days Gagarin must comply with bed rest. He could not attend the opening of the 22th Congress of the CPSU. American radio reports that Gagarin not at the Congress of the CPSU, because he felt ill with radiation sickness.

October 17 , 1961, Moscow, the XXII Party Congress of Communist Party of the Soviet Union was open, Khrushchev decided that he would be sitting in the Presidium of the Congress with Gagarin on his right hand and Gaganova (spinner, innovator, Hero of Socialist Labor) on the left. Now all his plans broken, and Khrushchev came to the indescribable fury.

Congress lasted nine days, but Gagarin appeared on the fifth day. The wound was very noticeable, was ordered not to photograph his full face. Pasha Barashev then published in the newspaper "Labor" brief legend of how Yura walked in the Crimea in the mountains with her younger daughter in her arms, and stumbled to save the child, smashed his head.

Gagarin attended the Congress on October 24 for the first time.

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