Soviet Marshal Konev signed WWII document as Commander of Troops, 2d Ukrainian Front, dated March 23, 1944. As well the document signed by Commander of Artillery, 2d Ukrainian Front, general-lieutenant Fomin, Comander of 16th Artillery Division Colonel Gusakov, and others. One sheet, 2pp. 12" x 8", signed on bold red pencil. In good condition, some tears, whcih are not reflect to autographs, with overall toning and expected document wear

One sheet, 2pp. 12"x8", signed on bold red pencil. In fine condition, with overall toning and expected document wear

Attestation sheet to the title of Colonel for Chief of headquarters of 16th Artillery Division lieutenant colonel Zaitsev Leonid Nikolaevich.

In this title from October 19, 1943. Date of Birth- 1907, member of Communist party from 1941. Nationality-Russian. Military education-Belorussian artillery school. General education: School for workers.

In Red Army from 1930, in acting Army from June 22, 1941. Seriously wounded three times during Patriotic War against the German invaders.

Awards: before Patriotic War order " Red Banner" in 1940

During Patriotic War order "Red Banner" and order "Patriotic War" 1d Degree in 1942.


Committed to party of Lenin and Stalin and social Homeland. Politically educated, morally stable. Know how to keep state and military secrets. Demanding of himself and his subordinates. Cultural staff officer. Corresponds to his position.

Conclusion: worthy of assigning another title - Colonel

Konev Ivan Stepanovich ( 1897 - 1973), Marshal of Soviet Union, was a Soviet military commander, who led Red Army forces on the Eastern Front during WWII, retook much of Eastern Europe from occupation by the Axis Powers, and helped in the capture of Berlin. In 1956, as the Commander of Warsaw Pact forces, Konev led the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution by Soviet armored divisions.

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