Massive 54 cantimeters model of Lunniy Korabl or LK-3 Lunar Lander built to compete with Apollo Lunar Module.

It was intended to be launched using the huge N-1 rocket. The LK lander was ready as well as the flight crew but it never made it to the Moon because of the N-1 launch failures, although, several unmanned LK were flown in Earth orbit.

Large, absolutely incredibly made, extremely detailed, complicated, very high level of man handcraft. With it incredible design it can be a real centerpiece of any collection.

It is never seen or offered before

LK spacecraft model consisted of the lunar module itself and the Block E propulsion system. Structurally, the spacecraft subdivided into the Lunar Landing Aggregate, (Lunnyi Posadochnyi Agregat, LPA) and the Lunar Ascent Vehicle, (Lunnyi Vzletnyi Apparat, LVA). LPA consisted of a lattice-structured main body and a four-legged lunar landing device, (Lunnoe Posadochnoe Ustroistvo, LPU).

Rods, mounting brackets and shockabsorbers supports ( legs) are made of metal. Some samll details linkage and brackets mount-on components made of metal as well. Thelower part of the body- power frame launch pad made from heavy metal-aluminum, all closed on layout design. The upper frame, which comes to an end positive cone bottom of the case is also made of metal. Stringer on the shell of the cone of the housing are from metal. Conical andsome other parts made of composite.

It was a big Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age exhibition in London featuring LK lander.

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