Soyuz 4 - Soyuz 5 Original Space-Transmitted Docking Photos signed Mishin others

Soyuz 4 - Soyuz 5 World's first Original Space-Transmitted Docking Photos signed by the head of USSR space program. Seven B&W glossy photos, each 3,5" square, mounted in a progression on a 24"x 6.5" sheet show a "time-lapse" view of the docking of the two spacecraft on January 15, 1969. This was not only the world's first orbit-rendezvous and docking of two manned spacecraft, forming the first space station, but also the world's first space mission involving the transfer of a crew between two spacecraft .

Two of the three crew members of Soyuz -5 Khrunov and Yeliseyev transferred to and returned in Soyuz -4, while the Soyuz -5 commander landed alone.

Signed at the Baikonur Cosmodrome on the wide bottom margin by the head of the USSR space program Vasily Mishin as well by leading space designers and engineers Boris Chertok, Mikhail Ryazansky, Yevgeni Frolov, Konstantin Feoktistov and Kerim Kerimov. Rare and unique. Very good condition.