Zvezda laboratory signed document: testing results Spacesuit "Orlan", "Krechet" KVO- Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment

Zvezda laboratory 2 pages document -report about the testing results of spacesuits "Krechet" and "Orlan" on the objects 11F93 and 11F94. Dated November 20, 1969. The report described the usage of KVO (Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment) with the lunar spacesuit "Krechet", details of problems and how to solve these problems: usage of Velcro preferable, aditional pocket, remove the shoulder pads, remove the belt, to check all ventilation tubes again. The document signed by the leading engineer Bychkov, the chief of brigade #114 Lebedev, the deputy of the chief of department No.11 Sverchek. There are many handwritten annotations made by deputy of the main designer Alekseev.