Flown Soyuz TMA-6 landing capsule Earthward observation complete port view - porthole

The glass of the porthole has ability to change color depended on the sunbeams. The Descent Module -the only part of Soyuz that is recoverable, it is occupied by the crew for launch, orbital manoeuvring, docking, undocking, re-entry and landing. The Descent Module has a nominal mass of 2.800 kg, a length of 2.2 metres Energiay has calculated that a Soyuz takes two years to build, and costs $65 million dollars to fly. Soyuz is a simple, proven design-ideal for its current role of taking crews to and from a space station, and providing a recovery capability for long-duration crews. Its inadequacies are balanced by the bigger American Space Shuttle; which delivers the heavy cargo and the consumables. It is noteworthy that due to competition between the superpowers throughout the first four decades of human space flight, two complementary craft have been created.

Size 97 cm by 41cm

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