An actual space shuttle Buran on-board LSS (life support system) that provides for life support of the suited crew of space shuttle.

BRS-1M unit as a main part of on-board life support system LSS that provide for life support of the suited crew of Buran space shuttle. The LSS could operate in the ventilation mode or in the regenerative mode. It provided for the oxygen supply, contamination control, pressure regulation, air ventilation and isolation, compensate for leakage from system and spacesuits, provides all life support components for Orlan D or DMA in space shuttle airlock and during EVA (extra vehicular activity) as well as suit-drying after EVA. It was located under the cosmonaut seat. The size of the unit is 89 x 15 x 22cm., the weigh is about 70 kg.

An extremely rare, most important part of space shuttle on-board Life Support System. This unit is featured in book "Russian Spacesuits" by Isaak P. Abramov and Ingemar Skoog on page 216.

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